Peter Wolf

Clean comedy that will make you howl with laughter!


Peter got his start in comedy when he made the amazing discovery that working for a living is much more difficult and time consuming than telling jokes.

He now travels and performs extensively at venues all over
and across the country. Some of the places he performs at are camps, churches, coffee houses, comedy clubs, conferences, corporate events, retreats and pretty much anyplace else that has a stage and mic. Some of these places actually pay him!

Peter’s brand of high-energy, interactive, family-friendly humor appeals to a wide range of fans. His typical audience consists of children right on up through grandparents. When asked about Comedian Peter Wolf, people of all ages say; "Peter who?"

But seriously folks... Peter is proud to call Fort Worth Texas home and he considers it a great blessing to share his faith and the love of Jesus Christ with so many people from all walks of life through God’s gift of laughter.

Peter can also deliver a sermon or inspirational message (ie: Sunday morning, before an evening show), M.C. your event, motivational speaker for staff and corporate events, youth speaker, share his missions experience, testimony, close with an invitation, etc...

We here at Lone Wolf Productions are always glad to customize a show to your needs. Just call or fill out the handy form on the "Contact" page today and let us know how we can help make your event memorable.